Is Terry the Turtle flipping the bird?! - Mark Fitz

Is Terry the Turtle flipping the bird?!

Flipping the Bird

I was recently snorkelling at Lady Elliot Island when I came across Terry the Turtle. I'd been swimming with him a while and took a number of photos and went to swim off to explore a bit more of the beautiful lagoon. Terry didn't take too kindly to me just swimming off and appeared to flip me the bird as I left!

I shared the photo on my Instagram page and it's since gone viral with thousands of shares, millions of likes and even a few news stories! People have purchased prints from my online store and even said they're going to get tattoos of him! I've listed below a few of the articles and shares, if you've seen any others feel free to let me know and if you'd like to purchase a print, phone case or even a mug with Terry on it, just click the link below:

Terry the Turtle Online Store