The best views in the Whitsundays!

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Want to know where the best views in the Whitsundays are? We’ve found them! Have you heard of Hill Inlet Lookout? It’s one of the most photographed spots in Australia. Pure, untouched & spectacular. But first, let’s find out how to get there.

One of my favourite day trips to Whitehaven is with the Cruise Whitsundays’ Camira catamaran (just ask for ‘the purple boat’ and everyone will know what you mean!).

We hopped aboard the Camira in the morning ready for a full day out on the water. Their staff are amazing, it makes such a difference when you can tell these guys love their job and want to make your day enjoyable. To kick start your day the right way, you can help yourself to complimentary tea & coffee and then settle into the comfy seats scattered around the boat (or you can lay down on the trampoline nets at the front, how cool is that). The Camira can sail up to 30 knots and is one of the world’s fastest commercial sailing catamarans, so you know you’re in for a good time- even when there’s no wind.

While you’re soaking up the sunny blue skies on your way to Whitehaven, you almost wish the trip would never end. Once you arrive at the base of Hill Inlet which is the northern end of Whitehaven, you’ll soon remember why you first booked this trip- to discover the breathtaking white sandy beaches & the famous Hill Inlet. Let me tell you, even on an overcast day you’ll be absolutely gobsmacked by its beauty.

The short walk up to the lookout is easy and you’re treated to ocean views on either side of the pathway. Another bonus of the Camira day trip is that your tour guide will be full of interesting facts about the area including the rich history of the Whitsunday traditional owners, the Ngaro people. There’s two viewing decks close to each other at the top of the lookout and you can clearly see Whitehaven, the surrounding beaches with crystal clear water and those famous Hill Inlet ‘swirls’. Everyone is really courteous and there’s plenty of time to take a few selfies & panoramic shots for your Facebook page. It didn’t happen unless it’s on Facebook, right?!

After the Hill Inlet visit, it’s back onto the Camira and a quick cruise down to the southern end of Whitehaven Beach for a few hours of exploring. There’s stacks of options including beach volleyball, lazing in the sun, going on bushwalks to hidden parts of Whitehaven or simply wandering up the beach with the water lapping at your feet. Whitehaven is stunning, there’s no denying it and it’s easy to see why it’s won so many awards!

Here’s a cool tip- go for a quick walk right down to the southern end (it’s only a five minute walk from where you arrive on the beach) and there’s a hidden wooden bench perched up on a slight hill. We climbed up a few easy rocks and took a seat, as it turns out- this is probably the best seat in the Whitsundays! If you like, you can even go snorkelling here at the southern end and there were a few people who brought their snorkelling gear and made new friends with the colourful marine life swimming around. As epic as these few hours are, you know what is waiting for you back on the boat before you sail home- a scrumptious BBQ with the world’s best view!

I probably should have mentioned this earlier because it’s certainly a highlight, this day trip is fully inclusive- so that means everything from your tea & coffee, snacks and delicious BBQ is included. The meals are prepared by award winning Airlie Beach restaurants and with so many different types of BBQ meats to choose from, you’re in heaven (so naturally we sampled them all, because it was too hard to pick a favourite!). As well as the great food there’s also an open esky on the trip home and as we sailed back to the Port of Airlie Beach, we had plenty of beer, wine and soft drink flowing! Sipping on an icy cold drink with cheese and biscuits and the sun starting to set over the hills was the ultimate way to end the day. Being so close to Airlie, you can then wander back to your accommodation (or book a transfer), have a shower and get ready for dinner. Perfect!

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