Expresso Morning Show in South Africa - March 2021

Mark appeared on the Expresso Morning Show in South Africa to chat about wildlife photography and his Comedy Wildlife Photography Award winning shot of Terry the Turtle.

Tourism Australia Top 10 Instagram Posts for 2020

Tourism Australia released their Top 10 most popular Instagram posts for the year and Mark's image from North Stradbroke Island was included in the list. This is the fourth time Mark has had one of his images included in Tourism Australia's top posts for the year.

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020 Winner

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards for 2020 have been announced and in exciting news Mark was named the Comedy Wildlife Photographer of the Year for his photo of Terry the Turtle flipping the bird.

Tourism Australia's Top Instagram Posts for 2018

Tourism Australia have released their Top Instagram Posts for the year and Mark's image of Terry the Turtle flipping the bird has been included at number four.

Tourism Queensland's 18 travel bloggers you need to follow in 2018

Tourism Queensland released their annual top travel blogs to follow and Mark was included at number 1 on this list.

GoPro's Top Photos of 2017

GoPro held their annual countdown of the top GoPro images for the year on Instagram. Mark's image of a turtle taking a selfie from Lady Elliot Island was the Top 4th GoPro photo for the year.

Experience OZ + NZ Top 100 Australian Travel Influencers 2018

Experience OZ + NZ released their Top 100 Australian Travel Influencers list for 2018 and Mark was included in this list.

Memories of 2017

Mark's seven favourite photos from his 2017 travels were featured in Escape.

Tourism Australia's most memorable moments of 2017

Mark's image from Cape Hillsborough was included in Tourism Australia's list of most memorable moments of 2017.

Experience Oz + NZ Influencer Spotlight

Interview with the Experience Oz team about some of Mark's favourite destinations and tips for photography.

Australia's Top 50 Influencer Awards

Mark has been shortlisted for Australia's Top 50 Influencer Awards. The awards celebrate the success and impact of Australian online influencers across Instagram, YouTube, Blogs and other popular social media channels.

Radio Interview - Australia's Top Travel Influencer List

Mark's chat with the No.1 Hitz939 breakfast team Bryce & Trace about being a travel influencer and some of his favourite destinations.

Australia's Top Travel Influencers

RG Communications has compiled a list of Australia's Top Travel Influencers which includes Mark and a profile on his photography. 

Tips for shooting iPhone photos underwater - The iPhone is the world’s most popular camera but there are ways to make your iPhone photos really pop. Ocean photographer Mark Fitz recently shot images on the Great Barrier Reef and at Mackay with the iPhone in an Tech 21 Evo Aqua 360 Edition case that gives protection for the iPhone to a depth of 3m for one hour. Here's Mark's tips for amateur smartphone photographers when shooting around water.

Underwater smartphone photography exhibition

Professional oceanic photographer Mark Fitz knows a thing or two about taking beautiful underwater shots – he’s managed to capture some of the ocean's most majestic creatures in all their underwater glory. Now, Fitz has collaborated with impact protection specialist tech21 for this special pop-up gallery exhibition in Surry Hills.

World's Biggest Underwater Instameet

In November 2015, Mark teamed up with GAPDL to co-host the World's Biggest Underwater Instameet at Lady Musgrave Island on the Great Barrier Reef.

20 Queensland Travel Accounts to follow on Instagram

Mark is listed as one of the 20 Queensland Travel Instagram accounts to follow with his unique captures of the stunning Queensland coastline from the roaring surf of the Gold Coast, to the calm waters of Whitehaven Beach and the tropical underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef.

AWOL Instagrammer of the Week - Mark Fitz

Water. H2O. Aqua. Whether it’s sitting by the pool, exploring the ocean or even getting your recommended eight glasses a day, it’s the absolute life force of humanity. Perhaps that’s why mankind is so drawn to it. No one knows that better than Mark Fitz, a travel photographer and Instagram star who specialises in ocean shots. His sea-side adventures seem endless and inspire us to want to take a dip. Here’s five of our favourite shots.

Tourism Philippines Photo Competition Finalists Announced

Tourism Philippines in association with National Geographic and Cebu Pacific Air recently held an Over-Under/ Split Frame Shot, Underwater and Landscape Beach Photo Competition. Mark was named as a finalist and was flown to the Philippines to photograph the beautiful island of Coron.

Australia's newest, biggest and most luxurious ships cruising in 2016

Front cover image of national Escape publication is Mark's photo from Rabaul in Papua New Guinea.

8 Places around Gladstone you've never heard of but need to know right now

Ready for unexpected beauty in all the right places? Let’s take a whirlwind photo adventure around the Gladstone region and learn a little more about the must-see places and things to do, starting with the gorgeous Southern Great Barrier Reef islands that are just off the Gladstone coast!

Cruise with P&O to Papua New Guinea and the Conflict Islands

Images include Mark's photos from his recent trip to Papua New Guinea with P&O Australia

Travel 2 Next - Feature on Mark Fitz

The prominent Travel 2 Next website features a profile on Mark and his images of the Queensland coastline. Find out a bit more about Mark and some of his favourite places to visit in Queensland.

Tourism Australia - Heron Island album feature

Tourism Australia featured a number of photos captured by Mark on one of his trips to Heron Island. The album and photos received over 100,000 likes and was a great promotion for the Gladstone region.